My career

I was born in Basel as the middle of three children, the son of a doctor for internal medicine and cardiology.

I passed my ‘A’-levels at grammar school and went on to study medicine at the University of Basel.
I then spent several years working at Bellelay psychiatric clinic in Jura where, amongst other projects, we founded a therapeutic community for young patients on a farm and realised new approaches for the treatment of schizophrenic patients. I then spent several years as senior physician at the Centre Médicopsychologique in Delémont and Porrentruy and working in the internal medicine department at Porrentruy hospital. I completed my training as a FMH consultant for psychiatry and psychotherapy at Liestal cantonal psychiatric clinic.
Important teachers and trainers during this time included Edouard Rey Bellet and Theo Cahn in the field of clinical psychiatry and social psychiatry, Raymond Borens in the field of psychoanalysis, Amilcar Ciola for systemic couple and family therapy, and Jean Pierre Bernard and Marc Henri Blanc for internal medicine. I also studied various methods of complementary medicine, such as shiatsu and acupuncture under Hiroshi Nozaki and homoeopathy under Mohinder Singh, for instance.
I took my specific psychotherapeutic training in psychoanalytical and body-oriented psychotherapy at the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse (SGBAT) and at the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis and Therapy (IIBA) under Viviane Guze, Scott Baum, Virginia Wink Hilton, Bob Hilton, Bob Lewis and many more, and under numerous teachers such as Hans Peter, Roberto Lobos, Niklaus Roth, George Downing, Albert Pesso, Stanley Keleman and David Boadella.
I studied imaginative dream and regression therapy with Gus Oesterreicher and Alice Hulschen.
In the field of pre- and perinatal psychotherapy, I was trained at the Institute for Integrative Body Psychotherapy IBP and at the Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education IPPE by William Emerson, Karlton Terry and Marjoirie Rand.
I studied emotional first aid and bonding therapy with babies and parents under Thomas Harms.
I learned trauma therapy and somatic experiencing mainly under Raja Selvam.
I opened a group practice up in Basel in 1989, and I have been working in my current practice in Eulerstrasse 17 since 2001.

Dr. med. Peter Schindler, Facharzt FMH für Psychiatrie / Psychotherapie
© photo: Daria Kołacka